Smart Analytics in a box.

“Augment Analytics” and “Autonomous Analytics” are the latest buzzwords used for the next generation of Business Intelligence. 

Collectively we call this Smart Analytics and Smartlytics – the solution we are launching – offers advanced and autonomous analysis of business data to achieve data-informed operations, per-employee tailored decision-support and to power the truly personalized service and the “always on” relationship today’s customers demand and deserve.

Sure, some of it involves machine learning, artificial intelligence and some other ground-breaking and buzzword-riddled stuff but most of it is plain-old-data-science in addition to a solid data strategy and automation.

With Smartlytics you can instantly turn streaming business data into actionable intelligence, crafted visualizations & effective automation.

The Smartlytics Journey

– This is our journal where progress and thoughts on technology and the future are cataloged and published.

Augmented & Autonomous Analytics

It’s important - especially in this age of big-data and (in my opinion) excessive data hoarding - to remember that having data is not nearly the same thing as using it effectively and that it is the proper analysis of it - to get to insights, actionable intelligence...

AI as well as the adoption of AI is maturing

The path to AI maturity is not only long but also winding. Different applications need different algorithms and tools and unlike the other technologies (like cloud and analytics) which are more scalable, AI calls for a fresh look at all the different use cases.

Training AI on biased data – what could go wrong?

Artificial intelligence facilitates the creation of models which are used to make predictions or informed decisions about future events. AI technology is currently used for facial recognition, speech recognition, language translation, personal recommendations for shopping, and lots of other practical applications.

The democratization of AI

The fifth industrial revolution is here with us and with it comes very unique challenges for small enterprises. Once the big fish attain their 5th industrial revolution goals, it will be an uphill task for the SMEs to remain afloat. The question begs – is there any hope for SMEs in the fifth industrial revolution? Could the democratization of AI offer them some reprieve?

Digital Transformation, what is it and why does it matter

Digital transformation can be defined as the use of third platform technologies in creating competitive advantage and value through new business models, new offerings as well as new relationships. According to IDG communications Inc., connected devices are on a steep increase and the number of IoT endpoints will reach at least 80 billion by 2025.

More industry buzzwords, really?

Technology is dynamic and disruptive and it seems like there is a new technology every new month that promises to radically transform your business in unprecedented ways.

Big data or Smart data – what is the difference?

Even though data plays an integral role in any business, big data can also create unnecessary complexities and problems in the business process. This is why businesses are now focusing on converting Big Data into Smart data. Here are some of the main problems of Big data